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Do you want to participate in or read discussions about the Acura Integra Type R? If so, join the rest of our club community and take a look at our Integra Type R Forum!

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ITRSport.com has compiled a buyer's guide just for its members. We have done the homework to determine which parts are the cream of the crop, and we've laid it all out for you here. Check out our official ITRSport.com Buyer's Guide!

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ITR Sport was featured in Sport Compact Car Magazine! They identified us as being an excellent resource for Integra owners, and said ITR Sport provides a definitive Integra guide that they highly recommend. Check out the article!

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 ITR Sport Resources

Integra Specifications
Go here to see all the specs for the Integra, including information about engineering, fuel economy, transmission, capacities, body, suspension, and chassis.

Integra Type R Tech
Go here to learn technical details about the Integra Type R, including information on everything from lightweight valves to three-point seat belts.

Integra Reviews
Read reviews of the Integra Type R from a variety of media publications, such as Motor Trend Magazine and Sport Compact Car Magazine.

Integra Modifications Journal
Read a journal detailing the modifications made to Integra Type R #547, which is owned and customized by the founder of ITR Sport.

Integra Pictures
See a picture gallery that offers various pictures of the Integra Type R and more.

Integra Fuel Economy

Integra Videos
See videos taken that are pertinent to the Integra Type R, including video coverage of the ITR Expo and the Chicago Type R meet.

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 ITR Sport Articles

Integra Maintenance
1,500 Mile Service: Change Engine Oil and Filter, Adjust Parking Brake, Retorque Suspension Mounting Bolts Read More...

My Integra Investment
Total Costs - 2000 Type R #547, Type R Floor Mats, Type R Trunk Mat Read More...

Integra Touge Monster
Here's an older Hot Version video featuring some exciting Touge races with an Integra Type R vs. a Silvia S14.Read More...

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